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BARKLEIGH HONORS - PRODUCT OF THE YEAR It does not matter if it’s a dog or a cat. With long or short hair, the pet+me® brush will pamper and comfort your furry friend in several ways. This cleaning and massage brush will deliver a balanced combination of efficiency and comfort. These brushes are soft and gentle even to the most sensitive skin, and are most effective in removing loose hair, sebum and dandruff. The pet+me® brush is made of 100% pure silicone, safe for both human and animal. For a thorough cleaning they can be washed in the washing machine.

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«There is nothing more tender, nothing that feels more delicate and precious then the fur of a cat.»

Guy de Maupassant, French author and journalist.


Die verschiedenen Bürsten

pet+me® is non-invasive

It is with good reason the pet+me® brush is recommended by professionals and veterinarians. The silicone material is completely free of harmful chemicals and metals. These flexible brushes form to the body of the pet, are very gentle and can be used around all the delicate areas such as the eyes or nose. At the same time the brushes are extremely effective in removing loose hair from the undercoat and even dandruff.

Swiss made quality

Developed by specialists, these four brushes will pamper every breed of dogs and cats, regardless of long or short hair. From the very long haired Persian cat to the very short haired Greyhound, all will love to be massaged and groomed by the pet+me® brush. It stimulates the blood flow and makes the animal feel relaxed.



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Special use for dogs

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    Dogs have sebaceous glands at the hair roots. When the upper layer of excess sebum dries and hardens it forms unpleasant smelly scales.

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    The pet+me® silicone brush may be used with firm pressure without hurting or being uncomfortable to the animal. The brush is able to reach and loosen the encrusted sebum. Sebum often produces an irritating itch causing dogs to scratch.

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    By applying gentle pressure the loosened sebum will cling to the silicone brush. Your four legged friend will love the extra attention given with this massage. It relaxes tensions. The metabolism gets stimulated and this creates a comforting feeling in your dog.

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    Once the smelly irritating sebum is removed; the skin can breathe. Leaving the coat clean and shiny.

The pet+me® brush is well suited for shampooing as is done in the best pet-grooming salon.

Wet use for cats

Because of the static charges of cat’s fur it is important to use the pet+me® brush wet (not dripping wet, just damp).This will eliminate the static charges. It will also help in attracting the loose hair, keeping it from becoming airborne. The damp silicone brush will easily glide through the fur and pick up all the loose hair. This massage-grooming not only leaves the fur soft and shiny, it is also very relaxing to the cat.

Removal of hair and dust on upholstery and clothing

The pet+me® brush is the perfect lint brush! It acts like a magnet with a static cling effect. It may be used dry or wet. Using the fine side with pressure applied, even the finest of hair, dust and allergens can be wiped away. Use it on upholstery, carpets, clothing and car seats. Routine brushing of the animal, about twice a week, can help in reducing otherwise airborne dust and allergens.

Easy to clean

Rinse the brush under running hot or cold water. For a thorough cleaning (embedded dust and sebum) place in the dishwasher or washing machine. The brush will be like new and carries a 5 year material guarantee.

«A dog can say more with a quick wag of its tail than many people who talk for hours.»

Louis Armstrong

Distribution of our PET + ME brush also through the Henry Schein Group, a leading global (190 countries) supplier of products in the field of veterinary medicine. Ask your veterinarian!

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